November 24, 2020

Shopping in Gurgaon, India

By adminbacha

Gurgaon, ranking 6th in India in terms of size, is found in the National Capital Region of India. Considered to be the informal mall capital of the country, Gurgaon owes its progress to the booming business sector. A large number of complexes housing malls and multinational stores are flourishing and 성인용품쇼핑몰  mushrooming all over the city of gurgaon which provides big spaces, stores showcasing the best of all brands and new amenities.

Gurgaon is among 4 of the most important cities and its namesake happens to be Guru Dronacharya. The international airport being ten kilometers from here, Gurgaon has become a very advanced place in NCR as the shopping malls and stores lure all sorts of people.

The most famous among the malls in Gurgaon are DLF grand mall which Dlf Company manages and which houses umpteen number of stores and outlets. It presents Hafeez Contractors’ amazing commerce related architectural design. The beautiful glassy facade and excellent workmanship is also their creation.

The mall boasts of three floors and 32 stores and outlets. Landmark, a big book store is one of them which houses a huge collection of books. Diwan Sahib and Westside are two more popular stores. There is no multiplex here, although there are 2 floors of automated car and two wheeler parking. The timings are ten in the morning to twelve in the night all week long.