November 16, 2020

The Healing Power of Juices

By adminbacha

When I look at some Web sites dealing with health, I’m amazed at how little is said about the nourishment and healing effects of freshly-made eliquid juices.

As a teen-ager I was able to avoid acne and other problems because I made carrot juice and other vegetable juices on my family’s juicer. At first we had a nice Oster centrifugal juicer; later we got a Champion, which looks like a meat grinder, thoroughly masticates (chews) the vegetables, produces a rich juice, and expels the pulp. My grandmother and later my mother lived into their mid-90s, due no doubt in part to their having had rejuvenating vegetable juices.

Juicers from a century ago were hand-cranked devices. Later electric designs such as our old Oster used a toothed disk to grind the food and a spinning drum that used centrifugal force to squeeze the juice out of the pulp. The drum had holes like a colander and was lined with a perforated plastic screen. The juicer had to be stopped every so often so the damp pulp buildup could be removed.